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The First Three Things Every Personal Injury Victim Should Do When an Accident or Injury Occurs

Being injured or involved in an accident that causes an injury to yourself or another person can be terrifying. Hundreds of rapid-fire thoughts are likely pinging through your head immediately after an accident, thoughts like: “Am I liable?” “Will I be able to have my medical bills covered?” “What do I have to do next?” As a personal injury victim, you have the responsibility of deciding how to move forward with your case and seek coverage for your injury. You’ll have to decide if working with an attorney is right for you and, if so, how to find an attorney whose expertise can help you achieve your goals. But before you start thinking about these decisions, there are three steps you should take immediately after your accident.

Call the Police

Call the police immediately after your accident occurs. It does not matter if the accident is a tiny fender bender or a multiple car pileup. A police officer can fill out an accident report documenting the exact time, date, weather conditions, and damage that occurred at the scene. When you begin the process of seeking compensation from your insurance provider, this document can help by providing an accurate, objective depiction of the accident. Additionally, if the officer needs to provide a testimony of what happened at the scene, this document can provide the insurance company with the officer’s contact information. Be sure to get the officer’s name, contact information, accident report number and badge number when he or she arrives to the scene. You will need this information if you want to request a copy of the accident report.

Make Sure Everybody is Okay, then Seek Medical Attention for All Injuries

Check on every driver and passenger who was involved in the accident and, if necessary, seek medical attention for their injuries. This is important for two reasons:
  1. The longer a victim waits to seek medical attention, the less effective it will be. Always put your health and safety first and worry about the costs and insurance issues later.
  2. If you do choose to seek monetary compensation for your injuries, building a paper trail is a good way to prove the extent of your injuries. Your doctor’s opinion is important and can help you get an adequate amount of money for your expenses.

Exchange Information With All Other Parties

Talk to all other parties involved in the accident and exchange your name, contact information, and insurance information with them. You might need to contact another involved party’s insurance provider to seek compensation following the accident.

Tucson Personal Injury Attorneys Are Here For You

Once you’ve taken the above steps, you’ll want to consider whether working with a Tucson personal injury lawyer is right for you and your case. Our team of experienced Tucson personal injury attorneys at Hofmann Law Offices PLLC proudly serves accident victims in the Tucson, Arizona area and can help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact our Tucson personal injury lawyers today for help.


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