How Can I Recover More from My Accident?

10 MUST-KNOW SECRETS TO GET THE BEST OUTCOME FOR MY PERSONAL INJURY CLAIM — And how to avoid getting the wrong attorney

Hire a lawyer with a history of satisfied clients who will handle all aspects of the claim.

Your lawyer should:

  • Make all direct contact with any insurance companies
  • Make sure you are getting any necessary treatment even if you don’t have health insurance
  • Intervene with bill collectors to verify the legitimacy of the debt or to delay payment until the case is resolved
  • Negotiate reductions with lien-holders and medical providers to maximize your recovery
  • Explain all the aspects of your case in simple language, especially if it’s in litigation
  • Always keep you updated on the progress of your case…

Get a guarantee that harassing bill collectors will be handled by your lawyer.

Your lawyer should contact bill collectors and be your advocate so that you can concentrate on getting well. Make sure the lawyer you choose will contact bill collectors, and guarantee it in writing…

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