How Do I Find a Personal Injury Lawyer I Can Trust?

10 MUST-KNOW SECRETS TO GET THE BEST OUTCOME FOR MY PERSONAL INJURY CLAIM — And how to avoid getting the wrong attorney

Get a written guarantee that a lawyer is handling your case.

In some large law firms the attorneys are overloaded with hundreds of cases. Not only does this keep them from giving your case the personal attention it deserves, it means that paralegals and legal assistants do extensive work the lawyer merely signs off on…

Get a guarantee that you will receive more money than your lawyer does.

Some lawyers leave you with less money than they receive from attorneys’ fees once your claim is resolved, even though you are the one who suffered the loss…

Don’t be fooled by promises of a huge recovery.

Some lawyers exaggerate claims about amounts they expect to recover for potential clients to attract their business. Not only is this conduct ­unprofessional and unethical,­ it is ­impossible for any attorney to competently evaluate­ a claim without knowing all of the facts…

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