Why Follow Doctor’s Orders for Personal Injury Cases?

When forming a personal injury case, medical records that detail injuries sustained and treatments are of the utmost importance. Anything that can aid in the establishing the origin of the injuries will benefit a personal injury case. To this effect, it is important for individuals pursuing a personal injury case to strictly follow his or her doctor’s orders.


Directly following an accident, if an individual has sustained injuries it is important to seek treatment right away. This is not only important for health and well-being concerns, but also provides a strong backing for a possible personal injury case. Judges will take into account if an individual sought treatment directly after an accident, or if he or she only went on the advice of an attorney. If the individual did not seek treatment immediately, it may make linking the injury to the accident that caused it more difficult. This also provides the defense with the option to argue the injury was part of a pre-existing condition, and was not sustained during the accident.


Initial treatment is just part of a comprehensive treatment of personal injuries. Many symptoms do not show up until a few days or more after an accident has occurred, and many immediate injuries require sustained treatment. In this regard, it is important to properly document not just initial treatment received immediately after a car accident, but to also keep detailed records of any and all ongoing treatments. It is important for an individual pursuing a personal injury case to follow their doctor’s orders, as this lends credibility to the individual’s case. If an individual is not following their doctor’s orders and keeping up with treatment, this may lead to the conclusion that he or she had been lying about whether or not he or she was actually injured.


Detailed medical records are a key factor in any personal injury case. It is important for any and all medical documents to clearly detail the date, the patient’s statements, and any clearly visible injuries the doctor may notice. An individual should always be upfront with their doctor, and should ask for the medical records to be detailed, including all these pieces of information.


When collecting detailed records for a personal injury case, avoiding any possible miscommunications can benefit an individual’s efforts greatly. A personal injury lawyer can act as an important representative for the client. When provided with permission from the client, and with the correct contacts, a personal injury lawyer may discuss records and treatment with the doctor, ensuring that he or she:
  • Records all relevant information, and
  • Has not lost information in translation.
This can commonly occur if a medical assistant has not properly transcribed a doctor’s notes during their evaluation of a patient. A personal injury lawyer, such as the experienced attorneys at Hofmann Law Offices PLLC, knows how to handle these situations. Tucson, AZ Personal Injury Lawyer Hofmann Law Offices PLLC has been helping personal injury and car accident victims receive the settlements they deserve for over 20 years. We are also the only law firm to offer Seven Guarantees and a Bill of Rights to our clients in the Southern Arizona area. Our attorneys fight for the best possible outcome for each and every client, and take pride in our commitment to providing excellent service. If you are the victim of a personal injury or are seeking representation for a car accident claim, call Hofmann Law Office PLLC at 520-797-1041 or visit our website and fill out our contact form for your free consultation.

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