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Injuries from a motorcycle accident can be devastating. You may be unable to work or need long-term medical care, including rehabilitation or physical therapy.

You may be unable to enjoy the companionship of your spouse or be experiencing severe pain on a daily basis. Hofmann Law Offices PLLC knows how to demonstrate the full extent of your injuries and work with expert witnesses or others to help you get all the benefits to which you’re entitled.

When suffering a motorcycle accident, many people make the mistake of dealing directly with the insurance carrier to recover their losses. The at-fault driver’s insurance and even your own insurance company have a vested interest in paying you as little as possible to settle your claim.

At Hofmann Law Offices PLLC, our legal team will take an aggressive stance with the insurance company to get you the best recovery possible. We handle all personal injury claims on a contingency fee basis which means that we will only charge attorney fees if we recover compensation for your losses.

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